Ceramic Depot

MANUFACTURING Enterprise Webapp

CERAMIC DEPOT (Manufacturing Intelligence Cloud), developed in collaboration with Ceramic Depot (Kenya), aims to manage the vendors, customers, purchase, sales, inventory, warehouses, payables, receivables, invoices, advanced business intelligence reports and many more.

Ceramic Depot

J K Lakshmi Cement

Enterprise Web Development

J K Lakshmi Cement, one of the big brand in cement industry. We have worked on Website & Web Development to communication with various Cement Devices, Live Data Display on Dashboard. If rating goes down then sending notificatoins to Admin Users.


Educare initiatives for Pre Shool

EuroKids - Educare Initiatives, one of the big brand in pre school education. We have worked with this brand for engagging website and digital marketing / seo services.

Eurokids Educare Initiatives
Shalby Homecare

Shalby Hospitals

Healthcare Web & Mobile App

Website & App(Healthcare Industry) developed for Shalby Hospitals. User can search various services of hospitals, search doctors, book an appointment from the mobile application.

Ajay Modi Travels

Travel & Tourism Web & App

Ajay Modi Travels Pvt Ltd, one of the big brand in travel & tourism industry. Web & mobile application has been created to provide the best in class customer service. Customer can view offered packages, their bookings, itinerary, maps and everything from Mobile App it self.

Ajay Modi Travels
Careerline Education Foundation


Enterprise Web & App platform for achieving the goals of Foreign Education Industry

CAREERLINE App (Foreign Education Consultancy), developed for Careerline Education. There are four different applications for each user type. Administration, Counsellor, Teacher and General Management. Application covers Lead Generation, Follow up, Inquiry, Attendance, Assessment and many more modules.

R K Vacations

Travel & Tourism Web & App

R K Vacations, Web & mobile application has been developed with packages search & booking, view booking history, itinerary details, offline itinerary & map and more.

R K Vacations Travles Pvt Ltd