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Skilled University

Online school ERP provides you the ability to administrate and access the whole school system. With Skilled University software, being an administrator, you can check the progress of both students and teachers. The inbuilt payment system makes it easy for the parents to pay the pending tuition fees at their convenience.

The dedicated dashboard that is assigned to every user is designed according to their role. While the administrator can manage the whole school system via software, the teachers can access, edit and manage their student’s profiles, grades, attendance and report cards. They can also upload assignments and update students about extracurricular activities.

While designing the software we gave weightage to every small detail. With the help of the software, you can track the whole history of the student as well as a teacher during the time that they have spent in the school. The whole database gets backed up at regular intervals to make sure no data is lost at any given time.

Skilled University Feature List

Students Management
Students will get a dedicated dashboard where they can access their daily assignments and results. They can check their own progress in every subject and see where they are lacking. Timetable, upcoming exams, the daily schedule can be checked easily.

Teachers Management
The skilled University ERP let the teachers access and update all the information about students’ progress. They can also upload and check daily assignments for their classes. The teachers can also communicate with the parents of any particular student online through the software. When it comes to the student’s performance, no detail can be considered as small. Teachers can not only update their academic performances but can also update the student’s profile about their extracurricular activities and behavior.

Parents Management
Parents can check their child’s performance at any moment and can consult the teachers online. The online payment management system allows them to check the due date of tuition fees and pay the due at their convenience. Test and exam reports along with daily attendance can be checked and regulated from parents’ end.

Daily assignments and their results can be updated via software. Teachers can upload new assignments for their classes. On the student’s dashboard, available and completed assignments are accessible.

The built-in grade book system allows the teachers to assign class homework, weekly tests, and any other activity. The system is designed in such a way that it automatically tallies the grade of a student and shows it on his/her dashboard. The grade book can also be accessed by the parents to track their child’s progress.

The daily student attendance can be updated in the software. It makes it easy for the parents to track their child’s moment. Also, staff attendance can be managed by the admin staff. They can check which teacher is absent on a particular day and assign an extra teacher to handle the class.

Classroom Setup
Skilled University allows you to virtually set up a classroom which can be accessed by both teachers and students. They can check what they have learned during the class and have access to the course material.

Online Exam
The online exam section makes it easy for the admin staff and teachers to control the flow of examinations. They can publish results and report cards online. The whole system makes the administration easier and more effective.

Teachers can update the students’ report cards and other progress related reports within the software which is accessible to both students and parents. This makes it easy to track performance and understand where the student needs to work more. The easy communication between parents and teachers makes the reporting system more fruitful.

Hr Management
HR Management System is easy to access, Compliant & fast. Its containts Payroll Management Systems. It delivers error-free salary calculations.  Tracking and managing employee attendance and leave management.

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