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Novotrips App


Travel B2C Mobile App




July, 2017

All Round Booking

Booking becomes easier from Smartphone such as hotels, flights, and car transfers through cabs.

Comprehensive Trip Details

Stores all tour related details at one place so can be accessed whenever required with just a click away.

Document Management System

The app does manage all the administration and complexities involved in handling booking documents through an integrated DMS.

After Sales Services

With this app, you can offer post sales backend support and maintenance that will help you be in constant touch with your users.

Storing Trip Details

  • Offer all kinds of theme based tour packages whether domestic, international, individual, or group tours.
  • Present a destination related wish list to your audience based on the preferences they make.
  • Allow travelers to make a seamless comparison between packages for an easy choice.
  • Let the travelers’ access best selling tours, hotels, and sightseeing places based on integrated ratings and recss/views.
  • Instant social media sharing for showcasing the tour memories right on social media. Uplift the travel experience of customers

For Enthusiastic Travellers

  • Secured access to password protected dossiers like itineraries, booking documents, travel documents, and general documents from within the app.
  • A map css/view to see the present location as well as the booking details related with the same.
  • Decide upon the destination and bookings based on the ratings as well as recss/views by other travelers.
  • Any time connect to the tourism company admin or customer representatives through an inbuilt technical support.
  • Referring to friends for gaining rewards in terms of loyalty points, cash backs, offers, or discounts. Seamless css/viewing experience any day any time.