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B2B Travel Portal ERP

Aseum Infotech provide an Enterprise solution along with along with ancillary modules. Which can be deployed on your server, available under a single license. Our B2B Travel Portal ERP solution is extremely and can be make as Tailor-made Solution as per your requirements. It is designed as Service Oriented Architecture.

B2B Travel Mobile APP

Aseum Infotech offers travel and tourism mobile app meant to simplify the work of tour operators, tour managers, and travellers across the globe to streamline the processes associated with booking a trip, while taking care of the back end support and maintenance, even after the tour package is deployed. Novotrips wants to be an instrumental backbone in redefining travel and leisure industry.

Corporate Self Booking Tool

Aseum Infotech provides a (CSBT) Corporate Self Booking Tool to simplify the complex travelling process for the corporate customers. With CSBT Module you can optimized and straightforward travel management company as everything happens automatically –from searching process to the final reservation.

API Integration in B2B Travel Portal

We are offering GDS and XML integration.Following are the API’s that we integrate with app as well as in portal.