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5 Reasons Why Tour And Travel Industry Need A Mobile App?

With technology growing by leaps and bounds in the Smartphone arena, it has become vital for businesses to take full leverage of the mobile platform, and this is even applicable to the tourism industry. In fact, a huge success in travel and tourism industry can be attributed to an undeniable rise in the popularity of mobile apps. And as the partnership between technology and travel gets stronger, it has become easier for even travelers to replace printed itineraries, maps, and guide books through mobile apps technology.


As you can see around, the world has arrived at a point wherein everything has arrived on fingertips with users wanting for real time information on their Smartphone, anytime anywhere possible, even on the go. In fact, over 150 million travelers having Smartphones prefer booking for hotels, flights, and more right on their fingertips. Such mobile apps specifically meant for travel not just keep tour operators happy for easing out tour related operations, but even help travelers to store and access their travel documents within the app.

In What Ways A Travel Business Gets Enhanced By Making Use Of Technology Specifically Meant For Travel Needs?

  • The first and foremost advantage a travel app can deliver is automation. Since, now all the travel information is readily available on the app, there is certainly no need to deal with customers or tour operators directly, cutting down the dependency factor. You have everything within the app with the likes of billing, invoicing, bookings, and information, and that too in an automated form.
  • The app helps in collaboration between tour operators and customers, so that the customers can get back in touch any time for any on the spot customization; change in the itinerary, or for any emergency help. Also, tour operators can keep constant track of their customers while on the tour, contact them personally, or notify them regarding any changes, greeting them on a daily basis, as well as other reasons.
  • An app can securely store all the information without actually carrying them in hard copies format, allowing both tour operators and travelers to carry around their details in soft copy, secured through the app.
  • The app turns out to be an excellent Content Management System, allowing businesses to maintain as well as manage the content of the website with great ease, and also keeping a track of client interests as well as their track records in the most apt style.
  • It is a one stop destination wherein users can book their hotels, flights, transfers, sightseeing, insurance, and more at one single place, without going to different portals or websites, while wasting their important time in finding out different travel sources.

Some Facts Stating The Importance

  • 85% users have the tendency to plan their travel on Smartphones, especially when on a leisure tour.
  • 30% users want to have best flight as well as hotel deals on mobile.
  • 15% users plan their trip in advance by installing travel apps.
  • Tourism and travel apps are the 7th most downloaded app category of all.
  • 15% apps downloaded in advance are specifically meant to plan upcoming holidays or vacations.

The Features Most Common With Such An App

  • 49% users prefer Geographical map positioning
  • 62% users prefer Search feature for tracking location
  • 48% users prefer Direction tracking through GPS
  • 46% users prefer hotels, flights, and other travel bookings
  • 33% users prefer search engine activities to be done through app
  • 24% users prefer to do check in prior to flight
  • 8% users prefer to buy tickets via app
  • 13% users want to check out transportation via app
  • 36% users tend to do shopping using the app
  • 56% users prefer checking weather in advance before travelling

Why Novotrips Is Best When It Comes To Travel And Tourism Mobile Apps?

Novotrips has been instrumental in understanding client needs over the years and translating the same into a mobile app redefining tour and travel industry, to bring about robust scalable mobile applications meant towards client satisfaction. Let us look at the range of benefits being offered.

  • All types of tour packages offered with the likes of group tours, individual tours, international tours, domestic tours, and more.
  • A wish list offered storing all the requirements and wishes of the clients, so that destinations could be recommended based on the preferences.
  • Offers a smooth seamless comparison helping travelers to go for a brief comparison and decide between packages.
  • Best selling or most popular things offered based on ratings and reviews whether be sightseeing places, hotels, flights, tour packages, or more.
  • The app facilitates instant sharing on social media for posting tour memories on the go.
  • The travel experience getting uplifted since everything is available within the app.
  • Provides a secured safe environment for document storage within the app whether dossiers, travel documents, booking documents, itineraries, or more, from within the app.
  • Offers a map to have a constant tracking of present location, as well as the one wherein the travelers are heading towards.
  • Provides comprehensive reviews and ratings to let travelers what is best in terms of places, sightseeing places, and other to-do things.
  • 24/7 connect with the tour operator so that in case of emergency situations, travelers have the tour companies backing for helping in any situations, including technical support as well.
  • Referral program for encouraging more and more users to start using the app. Rewards are in the form of discounts, offers, cash backs, loyalty points, and many more.
  • Provides a seamlessly smooth usability experience, allowing user access without getting stuck at any stage.
  • As a tour operator, you can accompany your clients everywhere, even if you are not present at the destination.
  • Mobile sales help you to escalate your revenue before, during, and even after the tour, with new tours launching soon.
  • You can have the awareness or visibility of app stores created on social networks.
  • Most importantly, when it comes to rebranding app for your own business, no technical knowledge is required. The app is ready to use by simply placing the logo, and placing the same on application stores.


Quite honestly, travel and tourism industry in today’s time is very much lame, especially when mobile apps are gaining momentum every single day. Since security is a major concern nowadays, it is important to take utmost care in incorporating all the security measures within the app. It is all about making travel a technological affair after all.